The Green Book of LAG

The Green Book of Los Arqueros Golf


{tab Introduction}

Committees in the structure of a Golf Club have the basic function of giving members the opportunity to present their views and participate in club management. In principle there is no norms requiring thea number of committees in a club, except for those cases where the sports federations require clubs to adhere to them the existence of a competition committee, as in the case of Golf. The number of committees in each club and its functions will depend on both the nature of the club and the basic concerns around which they can develop their daily lives. Its functions is to manage the services in the area that is assigned to each, and encouraging its members to participate actively in the social and sporting life of the club. The decisions of each committee must be endorsed by the Board, especially those that may affect the operational or financial aspects that were not covered by budgets or annual management plan. It is common for members of the Committees represent the point of view of a group of members sometimes very small, but not insignificant. As a rule one should always analyze each committee’s decision not only on the positive side you can have, but with the certainty that it will not have a negative effect on the rest of the members.

In Golf, no doubt, the Competition Committee is which receives greater prominence. In Spain the Spanish Golf Federation establishes in its statutes that all clubs, associations or affiliated sports organizations to the Federation, perform a Committee of Competition, which is the body responsible for the organization of all competitions made in its facilities and shall ensure the strictest compliance with the Rules of Golf and by observation and fulfillment of all determinations that can be made by the Spanish Golf Federation. This obligation arises from control function of handicaps that the Federation exercises in Spain for almost all golfers, so that they can compete in different clubs or at least show their level of play. The success of this function depends on all the details of golf competitions, from the correct registration of participants and preparation of the course, to sending the results to the Federation within a specified period. Golf Federation even requires that the Competition Committee at a club have a minimum of four members and that are dealt, also at least representations of men, ladies, senior, professional, juniors and control of handicaps. Many clubs, depending on the number of members, can be separated into a men and a ladies the delegation of responsibility for the competitions for seniors, or create the figure of a junior delegate, or incorporate a course delegate to suggest improvements. It is recommended that the head of handicaps is an arbitrator, professional or experienced player who knows the rules of golf and promotes well oriented to disclose and publicize this aspect of the game so controversial activities. The Spanish Federation of Golf offers affiliated clubs “The Green Book” which includes all the statutory functions of a Competition Committee (among other things) that compiles the standards development activities related to these functions.

{tab Competition Committee}


1) Structure of the Competition Committee

The “Competition Committee” is structured in two sections:


    I) Temporary Section, whose function is mainly Organization of competitions and events, composed of the Members elected annually.


    II) Permanent Section, whose function is mainly Technical and Administrative, composed by the Honorary President of the Competition Committee, the Golf Manager, the Greenkeeper, the Caddy Master and the Secretary of Golf.

The “Temporary Section” must be composed of the following members:


    Captain (Mens Delegate)


    Lady Captain (Ladies Delegate)


    Senior Delegate


    Senior Ladies’ Delegate

The members of the “Temporary Section” will have a validity of 12 months, from December to December of the following year. Annually the applications for candidates and their corresponding elections will be held in November.

The Committee – its Temporary Section – will prepare and organize the celebration of the Annual Calendar of Competitions and Golf Events based on the following spirit and principles of the Club:
1) All competitions and golf events must be visible, open and accessible on equal terms to all Members, with their inscription forms displayed on the Club Bulletin Board or on the Club´s Website.
2) All competitions and golf events must have a competition rule exposed to the public in the Clubs Bulletin Board and / or on the Web page, previously approved by the Golf Committee and in accordance with the Spanish Golf Federation.
3) In all competitions and golf events players must register individually through the Club Bulletin Board and / or Caddy Master, and in the future through the Club´s Website.
4) For a more equitable and fair administration of tee times between Members and the Club, the inscription deadline for all competitions and golf events is closed 48 hours earlier.
5) The official channel of communication and exhibition to the Members of the events and competitions is exclusive to the Club Secretary Office, a function that cannot be supplanted by the Committees or the Committee Members.

2) Structure of the Competitions and Golf Events

The annual calendar will consist of, among others, the following formats of competitions:
I. The Committee must provide, at least once a week, a valid competition for handicap adjustments. It can be Thursdays for Ladies and Tuesdays for Men. Their formats should be among other at least “Stableford”, “4BBB” and “Medal Play”. The modalities of each week will be established and announced in the Annual Calendar of Competitions & Events of the Club.
II. The Rollups. They are less formal events than competitions as they are not valid formats for handicap adjustments. Their announcement and signup sheet is made through the Club Notice Board at least one week in advance by the Committee. They can be Ladies, Men or Mixed.
III. The most emblematic competition is the annual “Club Championship”, which is a two-day competition in “Medal Play” format. The inscription will be available on the Bulletin Board when its exposed. Participation is free, except for the lunch cost that is celebrated in combination with this event in the Club Members Lounge.
IV. The Open Competitions. They are mixed competitions of members and visiting players. They usually have a large number of participants and are linked to a sponsor. Their participation is not usually free, but generally the Members have a reduced price compared to the visiting players. These competitions are usually announced in the short term, as the organization depends on third parties or companies.
V. The Interclubs, where the teams of Golf Los Arqueros play away and at home against other golf clubs in a total of 48 events (24 at home and 24 away). On one side the Club establishes a maximum quota of 12 home matches per year for the Ladies and another 12 for Men, being open to all the Members. Those interested in participating must first register or send email to the Secretary Golf Office ( providing their contact details and authorize the Captain to use them, as well as commit to being a reservist and purchase the corresponding team uniform and invite the opposing team to a lunch in matches at home. The teams will be selected by drawing on the total number of entries for each match, where priority will be given to those who have not yet participated in previous competitions. The latter will be considered reserve players. The competition calendar shall be established each year by the Competition Committee. The calendar will be considered as irremovable, being set as game days for the matches on Monday for Men, Wednesdays for Ladies, or on Sundays if the previous days were not possible. In high season it will be set 2 days a month, one for Ladies and one for Men, from noon onwards. In the middle season, a maximum of 4 days per month will be set (2 for Ladies and 2 for Men) starting from 10:30 am. Each team will consist of a minimum of 6 players and a maximum of 12 (Captain included). Captain: the teams will be designated by the Captain. The duties of the captain may be delegated out by another member of the team, designated by him, among those who attend each match. It will be the responsibility of the Captain to choose the players who will form the team in each match, and in case of being at home (Los Arqueros), he will have to make a small minute of the event and photos for the Club PR, ensure that match players are registered through the “Repwin” system with their respective licenses and handicaps, as well as deliver the cards immediately in Caddy Master after the end of the match to register them in the “Repwin” system (even if its results are not valid for Hcp adjustments). This function will be the Captain to do or the person designated or delegated by him.

The Team tabs: the Captain should only designate players that appear in the Secretary Golf Office register before mentioned above.

3) Functions of the Members of the Competition Committee

I. The President
1.Communications with the FEG and FAG.
2.Administration of the Federal Licenses.
3.Maintenance of the database of the IBM System of the Golf Federation.

II. The Captain (Mens Delegate)
1.Prepare the Annual Competition Calendar together with the Lady Captain, for a later contrast with Caddy Master and Golf Manager before the Committee approval.
2.Resolve situations of organization or discussions with the Delegates and Members of the Committee.
3.Reading of the Agenda and leading the Committee meetings
4.To be representative of the Members before the Management.
5.To organize the Interclubs competitions

III. Lady Captain (Ladies Delegate)
1.Prepare the annual Competition Calendar together with the Club Captain.
2.Prepare the Competition Calendar for Ladies.
3.Organize Interclube competitions, and/or delegate them.

IV. Mens Senior Delegate
1.Organize the Senior Leagues competitions
2.Committee Vocal

V. Ladies Senior Delegates
1.Prepare the Calendar of the Senior Ladies League
2.Committee Vocal

4) Meetings and agreements

I Meetings. The “Temporary Section” will meet on its own initiative when deemed necessary. The full Committee (Temporary and Permanent) will meet when requested by the Captain or Manager.

II Agenda. The Agenda of the meetings will be presented by the Captain to the Club Secretary at least one week in advance for his publication in the Web Page.

III) Agreements. First point of all the Agenda: Reading and approval, if appropriate, of the previous Minute. In the event of a tie, the President shall have the deciding vote. The Club Manager may suspend the execution of the decisions made by the Committee if he considers that they may damage the interests and/or the image of the Club.

IV) Minutes. The Minutes will be written by the Club Secretary and displayed on the Notice Board of the Web page.

5) Rules and Regulations of Competition

I) RFEG. Los Arqueros Golf Club is a member of the Spanish Golf Federation. Therefore, the Club must comply with the rules and regulations of the Spanish Golf Federation and the EGA.

II) Local Rules.The Local Rules of the Club will be composed of its own Local Rules as well as the Permanent Local Rules of the RFAG.

III) Placing the Ball (Winter Rule). The general Rule is nº 13: the ball is played as it lies. Under occasional abnormal local conditions that could interfere with normal play and are not very widespread, it should be defined / marked as ground under repair (Rule 25). However, in adverse terrain conditions all over the Course, or in a hole, the Captain or the Lady Captain, together with another Member of the Permanent Section and the Greenkeeper, may approve the following Local Rule for maximum periods of 20 days: LOCAL RULE: “If a player’s ball lies on a closely-mown area (“Fairway height) the player may mark, lift and clean his ball without penalty. Before lifting, he must mark the position of the ball. The player must then place the ball on a spot within the length of a score card and not nearer the hole than where it originally lay, that is not in a hazard, rough or on a putting green. “A player may place his ball only once, and it is in play when it has been placed (Rule 20-4). Penality for breach of Local Rule: Match play – Loss of hole; Stroke play – Two strokes .

The Temporary Section of the Competition Committee will ensure that this Local Rule is communicated to the Members through the use of the Clubs Bulletin Board, requesting the official form in the Golf Secretary Office.

IV) Competition Rules. Each competition and golf event must be approved in advance by the Competition Committee or, if applicable, by the Club’s Management. Each competition must have a competition rule attached, which must contain the following points:
a.Date and tee time
d.Inscription price and/or price of participation in the prizes
e.Competition Committee

V) Handicaps. In Valid Competitions all players must be members of the Spanish Golf Federation. The Committee may limit the handicap of play in certain competitions according to the Spanish Golf Federation. The Caddy Master is responsible for sending to the Golf Federation the results of all valid competitions to adjust the handicaps according to the FEG.

VI) Juniors. The Competition Committee may allow junior players to compete in certain competitions by assigning a special category to them.

VII) Tees. For valid competitions the Tees will have to comply with the rules established by the EGA and must maintain at all times the measures of the length of the Course. When the conditions of the tees so require, this length can be modified by 10 meters on both sides of the marks, provided that the total length is not modified more than 100 meters of the Course length.

VIII) Entries to competitions. All signups must be complete with name and license number, to facilitate and speed the work to Caddy Master. Otherwise registration may not be accepted.

IX) Delivery of the Score Cards. In a stroke competition (Rule 6-6b) at the end of the stipulated round, the player must deliver the score card to the Committee without delay. Before delivering the card must be signed by both the player and his marker. In case of giving the card without signing the player is disqualified. While the signature of the score card is necessary, a marker is in its right to refuse to sign the card if he does not agree with the results scored even if those results were endorsed by the Committee (Decision 6-6a / 4 ). Recommendation to the player: Do not hand over the card until it is completely checked and clearly legible, as it may lead to your disqualification.

X) Play speed. The Committee may, in accordance with Note 2 to Rule 6-7 and in order to prevent slow play, under the conditions of competition (Rule 33-1), establish pace guidelines including maximum times allowed for a stipulated golf round, or for a hole or per stroke.

XI) Competition Committees. Competition Committee delegate should exist in valid competitions. They shall be composed of a minimum of three Members, of which at least one shall be from the Temporary Section. It is the responsibility of the Temporary Section to appoint this for each event. Its members cannot be judge and part, and therefore cannot take part in the competition. Its functions will be the following ones:
– To watch for the correct operation of the competition from its inscription sheets and checking of the score cards until the list of results and the corresponding prize giving is done.
– It will have the faculty to suspend or postpone the game of a competition if the circumstances made that the Course was impracticable in agreement with the Rules of Golf, Rule 33-2d.
– To resolve the ties according to Rule 33-6
– Establish Disqualification penalty under Rule 33-7

XII) Members’ Guests. The guests can only participate in the low and medium seasons. In the high season it is only and exclusive for members. These guests will not be able to participate in the prizes, nor be registered in the computer system “Compwin” if they do not have a Spanish Federative License. In that case, they must play with a visiting score card.

6) Administration

I) Annual Calendar of Competitions and Events. The Captain, together with the Ladies Delegate (Lady Captain), will prepare in December the Annual Calendar of Competitions and Events of the following year, which will be presented by the Club’s media in January after being approved by the Committee and checked with Caddie Master system.

II) Administration of competitions. The Golf Secretary Office, together with Caddy Master, will assume the following functions:
– Preparation of the inscriptions sheets
– Preparation and calculation of results of the score cards
– Sending results to the Golf Federation
– Preparation of updated handicap listings

III) Sponsorship. All sponsorship proposals must be previously consulted and approved by the Club Management. Contacts with any purpose of the Committee with Public and similar bodies (such as City Councils, Town Halls, Junta de Andalucia, Sports Federations, Provincial Councils, Foundations, … etc.) are the exclusive competence of the Board of Directors or Club Management.

IV) Communication. All communication of the Committees or the Club to the Members can only be communicated through the Secretary Golf Office. The communication is exclusive to the Secretary Golf Office.

{tab Social & Disciplinary}



The Social Committee is a body whose main purpose is to detect the will and interests of Members and provide opportunities for social activities, as well as to provide the Competition Committee with the organization of their celebrations after the sporting event in the Restaurant or in the Members Lounge.

Due to the international environment of Members from fifteen different nationalities, the Club can act as moderator in certain social aspects to provide and ensure the best possible environment in this international atmosphere.

Article 14 of our Internal Regulations, establishes this Committee as a “Committee of Activities and Social Relationships, for the organization of parties, recreational games and relations with other Clubs , composed of three Members designated by and among Shareholders. “.

From this Regulation we have developed the following:

1) Members.The Social Committee shall be composed of a President, who shall be elected by the Committee itself in the case not designated by the Club’s Management. The other two Members shall be Members of this Committee.

2) Validity. It will be one year: from December 1st to December of the following year.

3) Calendar of Events.During the month of December this Committee develops its Calendar of Events for the following year, which should be exposed in the month of January.

4) Meetings. The Committee shall meet when its President so requests on his own initiative or when at least two of the members of the Committee so request. The Golf Manager will not normally attend meetings but the Committee may require his attendance if deemed appropriate due to special situations.

5) Minutes of Meeting. Minutes will be approved at the next meeting of the committee after being approved by the Club’s Management. The publication of the Minutes of Meetings will be the responsibility of the Club Secretary.

6) Communication. All information about Events in the Club must be previously approved by the Golf Secretary, and will be displayed using the official format of the Club in Spanish and English. This must be requested through the Golf Secretary Office, where the appropriate format will be written, printed and displayed. The circulation of mailings to the Members can only be made through the official mail of the Club that is the Golf Secretary Office.

7) Treasurer of the “Petty Cash Box”. This Committee will assume the administration and responsibility of the Petty Cash of the Social Club, counting its income and outputs. Its use shall be agreed between the Competition Committee and the Social Committee.


Article 14 of our Internal Regulations establishes that the Social Disciplinary Committee shall be composed of three knowledgeable Members of the Law, designated by Shareholder Members and among them, who shall instruct the corresponding files and propose to the Board of Directors the appropriate sanction. The penalties will be classified as minor, serious and very serious.


The following will be considered minor offences:
a) Carelessness in the use of the Club’s facilities, equipment and furniture,
b) Disrespectful behaviour to other Club members,
c) inconsiderate behaviour towards Club staff,
d) Causing disturbances and taking part in violent arguments or any other behaviour described as such in the Disciplinary Regulations of the Royal Spanish Golf Federation or of the Andalusian Federation.


The following will be considered serious offences:
a) Violation of the by-laws and of these Internal Regulations,
b) Disrespectful and inconsiderate behaviour towards the Chairman and the other members of the Board of Directors,
c) Wilful destruction of the Club’s furniture, equipment or property,
e) allowing access to the Club to unauthorised persons,
f) Recurrent or repeated minor offences and
g) Any other behaviour described as serious in the Disciplinary Regulations of the federations mentioned above.

Very serious

The following will be considered very serious offences:
a) Physical or verbal abuse of the Chairman, any of the members of the Board of Directors or any club member or staff,
b) The theft of objects or money belonging to the Club or to one of its members,
c) Recurrent or repeated serious offences and
d) Any other behaviour described as such in the aforementioned disciplinary regulations.


Minor offences will be penalised with a private verbal or written warning or with the suspension of membership rights for a period of no more than fifteen days. Serious offences will be penalised with a public warning or with the suspension of membership rights for a period of between fifteen days and three months, and very serious offences may be penalised with the suspension of membership rights for between three months and one year or with expulsion.


For the imposition of all these penalties it will be necessary to open written disciplinary proceedings entailing at least the following procedures: a) A list of accusations against the member describing the alleged offence, b) a hearing so that declarations may be made within a period of not less than ten days, and any relevant proof may be presented and c) a reasoned ruling, with an indication of any possibilities of appeal.

In all cases the decision by the Disciplinary Committee may be appealed before the Board of Directors within a period of fifteen working days.


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