The great challenge of Seve

The great challenge of Seve

Currently in the Pro Shop of Los Arqueros Golf we have a limited edition of the book “The great challenge of Seve” for the special price of 49€.

The book is a tribute to Severiano Ballesteros and his work to spread golf among the population. It is also a review of his career as a designer and his design criteria, with special emphasis on a natural design, respecting the environment as much as possible. It is also a confirmation of the fervent struggle of Seve in order to make known the virtues that golf represents for the community. He wants to show the great legacy he was creating based on a lot of perseverance and his great love: Golf.

“The great challenge of Seve” is a work of more than 600 pages, where the authors tell anecdotes and curiosities that Ballesteros lived during the design and construction of the golf courses that bear his signature.

The book begins with something that Seve himself wrote

“The design of golf courses is a particular challenge for golf professionals. Imagine that I have spent my life unraveling the secrets of dozens of courses in the whole world and one day I am given the possibility of designing those book of secrets and experimentation that are the golf courses.

When doing them, one of my secret intentions is that they are challenging, that they do not allow them to get used to them, that no one goes easily through the fairways, but that they embark on an adventure of discovery.”

According to the Director of Los Arqueros Golf: “Here I admit that the first thing that comes to my mind is Los Arqueros Golf, which this genius designed there in 1989.”

And of course, the history of Los Arqueros Golf is also included in this magnificent book.

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