Students CIO Mijas in Los Arqueros

Students CIO Mijas in Los Arqueros

Golf Students

Los Arqueros Golf is a benchmark in terms of management concerns, why students recently the Andalusian Center of Integral formation of the Leisure Industry in Mijas, better known by the CIOMIJAS chose Los Arqueros to help students get hands-on the caddy club maters and the secretariat, notions of how to manage golf reservations about the program and all internal management, using the software tool courses.

Are your students that after intensive training for three months, they have to implement what they learn and see in situ and materialize the reserves and who better than the caddy masters of The Archers to guide, Paco Romero, Miguel Perez and Juan Mena . Have worked many years for the club, adapting to customer needs and making a 365-day work impeccably.

In Secretariat were with Lydia Martin, another veteran in the club, the entire management program. Quite a task team.

If they are found in other fields, you know who have had the best trainers …

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