Maintenance works are in progress

September in Numerology is considered a power/strong  month. The 9th month of our calendar, a number that represents wholeness, completion and endings.

In Los Arqueros Golf lots of improvements have been going on these months. Some are coming to an end and others  like our maintenance work never stop.

We started the month  with the golf course – greens  maintenance. Very important activity to offer the best quality and enjoyment.

These are the works  in progress:

With the use of a lawn mower and the verticut unit,  the grass  on the different areas of  the golf course will be cut as needed for the game. A various choice of Magna cutting cylinders for longer grass and Sport cutter floating head cylinders for finer sports turf, will be used to obtain the appropriate height. Verticut will help reduce thatch,  improves the sward and encourages finer grass to flourish and increases ball speed on all surfaces.

After cutting/ scarifying the lawn, remove – blowing debris, aerate, sanding & raking, seeding & fertilizing , irrigation is something not to forget , as important as any of these other steps.

All these maintenance works are done to remove thatch buildup in the lawn, so turf can breathe easy,  absorb better nutrients and soak in much-needed moisture.

Maintenance is a vital part of any golf course.  Specially to maintain that vibrant green turf and its best conditions for the game. Golfers enjoy the sport because they’re surrounded by natural beauty and connected to their environment.

Los Arqueros Golf  aim and commitment is to pay special attention to these aspects and never leave the golf course and customers unattended.

On Thursday the golf course will be open again as normal. We apologize for interfering with your golf game this start of the week.

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