Results of Committees 2011

Results of Committees 2011


Dear Members,
We hereby inform you that the volunteering period for the inscription of the different Committees has expired and due to the lack of new volunteers voting is unnecessary as the candidates of 2010 for the Competition and Disciplinary Committee will remain in the same posts for 2011.

Regarding the Social Committee only one application as vocal has been received which is insufficient to keep this Committee running. We hereby inform you that the Club is at your disposal for any ideas you wish to present and lead.

The Committees for 2011 are as follows:

Competition Committee 2011:
– President: Agustín García Agüera
– Ladies Delegate: Helen Hughes 
– Men Seniors’ Delegate: Robert Hughes 
– Ladies Seniors’ Delegate: Lynne Phillips
– Mens’ Delegate: Francis Whelan
– Vocal: Nicky Masters

Disciplinary Committee 2011:
– President:  Dirk N. den Broeder
– Vocal: José Manuel Merchán
– Vocal: Agustín Agüera

Social Committee:

Due to the lack of candidates this Committee temporarily deactivated.
(3 candidates are needed to cover the positions of president and 2 vocals, as we already count on 1 volunteer as vocal).

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