New Rough Mover in Los Arqueros Golf

New Rough Mover in Los Arqueros Golf

A system of Sidewinder cutting units that move left and right at in a total distance of 61 cm.

Quality Cut. Special air intakes keep the grass upright, providing the cleanest possible cut, while a baffle accelerates the circulation of the cuttings ensuring maximum power.

Mow without damage to the lawn. Two front and one rear roller allow the case  to pass smoothly on the lawn.

Attractive stripes. The rear rollers provide an attractive scratching effect when mowing, which translates into a significant improvement in the final appearance of the lawn.

Powerful engine. It provides great power to deal with the most demanding mowing applications. Traction of superior firm quality, traction in all conditions, even in wet grass and on undulating terrain.

Comfort of the operator who will  be able to adjust the tilting steering wheel to his liking.

Time saving.

An important addition, for the efficient improvement in the maintenance and increase of the quality levels of Los Arqueros Golf Course.

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