M y G Golf Academy at Los Arqueros Golf

M y G Golf Academy at Los Arqueros Golf

The company “Huxley Golf” interview our golf instructors, after installing a Huxley Premier Tee Turf as a line on their driving range.

Many of our players have already tried the new artificial practice tee, one piece of high quality, well resembling to natural grass, with a cost of €6,600.

At Los Arqueros Golf all training is carried out by the brothers Gabriel and Miguel Peréz who just signed a contract with Bridgestone for marketing their products. Both Miguel and Gabriel is naturally PGA Professional and members of the Real Federacion de Española de Golf.

Here you can see the interview made by Huxley Golf to our PGA Professional, Miguel Peréz:

Huxley Golf: What is your preliminary assessment of the new tee line?

Miguel Peréz: Next to real grass it is definitely the best product we’ve tried. Our grass on the range is only optimal for about 1 month and therefore it is a very good approach with the new Huxley Tee Line.

Huxley Golf: Which reaction do you get from your members and green fee guests?

Miguel Peréz: They are very satisfied and I am sure that the visual effect also has a great importance. It gives the players the motivation to exercise more.

Huxley Golf: Do you think that people will use more balls on the new Tee Line?

Miguel Peréz: Quite obviously, people will train more. The quality of the mat is perfect and it gives the player a very good “impact” and thereby the experience of a good shot. So it’s really a big plus that you can place your tee directly across the mat.

Huxley Golf: Do you have any other comments?

Miguel Peréz: I think that the frame around the line has to be green, it will give an even better impression.

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