Greenkeeper students visits Los Arqueros Golf on the Costa del Sol

Greenkeeper students visits Los Arqueros Golf on the Costa del Sol

Los Arqueros Golf

Los Arqueros Golf was visited by students taking the course EADE Greenkeeping. According to his teacher, Arqueros Golf is a reference in this area because of their certificates of Environment ISO-14001, UNE 188,001 Quality and Health and Safety OHSAS 18001. A guided tour of the Arqueros Golf Greenkeeper, Jose Antonio Gracía Dona.

Charter School of Management (EADE) is a private center in Malaga offers graduate degree programs and official university degrees from the University of Wales.

The Master in Golf Course Maintenance (Greenkeeping) is a specialized master’s degree aimed at those who wish to guide their professional development to address Golf Course Maintenance (Technical Field).

The Master, theory and practice, has a duration of one academic year from October to July. Theory classes are held on Fridays from 17:00 to 22:00 and Saturday from 9:00 to 14:00. The practice is done on golf courses, and integrated into the maintenance teams in each field, with a minimum of 900 hours.

EADE offers the Master in Golf Course Maintenance (Greenkeeping) as a training tool for future greenkeepers. Despite the increasing number of fields in our country and the importance of maintenance, there are no similar advanced courses in Spain, which enable them to assume the responsibilities that go along with the Directorate of Maintenance of a golf course.

It would also be difficult to find a better space than the Costa del Sol for the development of this course, an area that receives about thirty percent of all golf courses in Spain and is equipped with a microclimate that allows playing golf during all months of the year.

Practical content:
In addition to the theoretical content of the course, students must make a total of 900 hours of supervised practice during the Masters. These practices will be led by a greenkeeper, and coordinated and supervised by the Directorate of course. Students will be integrated into equipment maintenance of the fields to which they are intended, performing all the tasks of these teams in addition to specific greenkeeper and shall conform to their schedules and work pace, respecting the hours assigned to the theoretical content (Friday afternoon and Saturday morning).

Plan of study:
– Golf Course Design
– Construction of golf courses
– Water and irrigation
– Botanica, gardening and landscaping
– Mechanics and machinery
– Principles of plant nutrition
– General Maintenance
– Occupational hazards
– Management of the environment
– Applied Economics
– Rules of Golf

Theoretical content: normal classes, face. This section also includes laboratory sessions, workshops and field to field trips, so that the theoretical can be verified in practical application.

 Turf management course in Spain – Greenkeeping

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