The best weather conditions were given this Saturday, July 27. A spectacular blue sky, a gentle wind that waved the flags and with the players waiting for the shot gun, the golf day began. Many couples signed up for the tournament to do their best on this solidarity date and tribute to one of the GREATEST of golf history: SEVERIAN BALLESTEROS.

Beyond winning, the important was to enjoy a splendid day of golf and raise funds for the foundation of SEVE BALLESTEROS, whose main objective is the investigation of brain tumors and to support the young promises of this sport.

The golf day was developed throughout the morning, where great blows and shots, successes and mistakes were appreciated, highlighting among them the winners who showed their best golf. Congratulations to the finalists and all the participants.

Winning couple: Alejandro Álvarez Moro and Emilio Neira Figaredo

Winning couple Scratch: Antonio Navarro Rodríguez and Ernesto Galán Tineo


During the awards and raffles we were able to enjoy the excellent views among companions and golf lovers and also  shared our impressions of the golf game.

Los Arqueros Golf is very proud and grateful to have been able to be part of this tournament and yield our golf course for such an honorable and supportive purpose. We want to thank Mercedes Benz and Coca Cola sponsors of the event.

Glad to meet again at an upcoming appointment, continue supporting the Severiano Ballesteros Foundation and spread its values ​​and legacy.

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