Golf Competition Calendar 2013 Arqueros Golf

Golf Competition Calendar 2013 Arqueros Golf

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Dear Members,
as every year, our 2012 Competition Committee has organized the celebration of many competitions, such as the Ladies Weekly and Mens Weekly, the Monthly Mixed, Ladies and Mens Interclubes, Seniors Ladies League, League, Mens Senior League, open competitions, etc ….., representing approximately 170 competitions with 3400 participants.Dear Members, as every year, our 2012 Competition Committee has organized the celebration of many competitions, such as the Ladies Weekly and Mens Weekly, the Monthly Mixed, Ladies and Mens Interclubes, Seniors Ladies League, League, Mens Senior League, open competitions, etc ….., representing approximately 170 competitions with 3400 participants. An excellent work done by this Committee, composed of Francis Whelan, Marie Vine, Huw Lynne, Peter Hood, Nicky Master and Augustin G. Agüera, and from here we thank them all for this great work.

In 2013 we will continue with this activity, and incorporate as a new tool the possibility to sign up on competitions through the website of the club, apart from the traditional Notice Board of the Club. Here the target is to make participation more easier in our many competitions through the possibility of a long term participation planning of the selected competitions, as well as to provide further information and details of each event.

The 2013 Calendar will consist of the following types of competitions:

1)   The Weekly ladies and gentlemen. Ladies day is on Thursday, and the Mens are on Tuesdays. The format is “Stableford” three times a week, and one in “Medal Play”, and where its tee times will be done by free choice (1st week), by draw (2nd and 3rd week) and by handicap (3rd week in medal play), exchanging these each week. Inscriptions can be done both on the Notice Board of the Club, as on the Website. Entries is open to all Members and is free of costs.

2)   We want to give a special treatment to the Interclubs and Leagues, where Arqueros Golf teams plays at home and out against other golf clubs. Interclubs and Leagues 2013 will represent a total of approximately 60 competitions of which about half will be played out on other golf courses against their clubs and the other half at home in Los Arqueros, and where the total amount of participants will be around 720. The League is divided into Ladies League, Senior Ladies League and Mens Seniors League. The Interclubes are divided into Ladies Interclubs and Mens Interclubs. The format in both cases is “Match Play”. The participation (green fees) is free, both outside and at home. And probably the buggies as well (all depending on reciprocity received at each club playing out). It is usual practice to hold a lunch after each competition, composed of the two teams. This lunch, which is a social event of first order, is the only cost of participation each Member will have to pay. When playing at home, each member pays at Los Arqueros two lunches: his own and one of his visiting team. And when playing out against the same team, the other team invites the lunch. That is, when playing outside everything is free, including the lunch. The price of two lunches at Los Arqueros is approximately 45€, so this will be the inscription price for joining the team in each match (2 games: out and at home). Participation in these Leagues and Interclub will be open to all Members. Where they may participate in one match (2 games, out and at home) or in various matches, as the spirit here is participation above all, and where its participation and tournament rules are based on this spirit to achieve high rotation of participation. By today there is only two published in the web ready for inscription (mens interclubs La Quinta 17.01.13 and Guadalmina 18.04.13). Both out. The remaining will come in the next weeks, where we intend to push the other clubs to forward all dates, since Los Arqueros has already done so giving out all available dates for the hole year.

3)  The last Sunday of each month we celebrate the “Monthly Mixed”.  Ladies and Men plays together where which the format of each competition is determined by the Ladies and Mens Delegates. The inscription is open to all members, both on the Notice Board of the Club as our Web page. Participation is free.

4) The annual flagship is the “Club Championship”, which is a two-days competition in format “Medal Play”. This year will be held in the month of May (Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th). Inscription is already available on the Web, and on the Notice Board when exposed. Participation is free, except the cost of the lunch which is held in conjunction with this event in the Members Lounge.

5) And finally, there are the Open Competitions. Competitions mixed with Member and visiting players. They usually have a large number of participants and are linked to a sponsor. Participation is normally not free, but usually the Members have a reduced price compared to visiting players. These competitions are usually announced within a short notice, as their organization depends on other people or companies.

In connection with this activity, we recommend the use of our website:  not only for inscriptions, but also additional information, competition rules, tee times sheet, results, rankings, etc …. Also say that this new tool is alive information that has just started and which will be completed in the coming weeks, but as of today there are already more than 100 competitions published and ready for inscriptions (sign ups). And, like any new tool, will require a break-in period to ensure perfect operation.

¿And where is this tool? There are two ways:

A) In the home page (entry page), on the right side is the following square called “Competition Signup”: (see document enclosed nº 1).In this square is the “link”: “Competitions Calendar & Results”, which leads to the page: . This page is the “Competition Calendar 2013”. By clicking with the mouse on one of the competitions, an internal document opens with information about the competition, and where you can also sign up. In this same document (or page) can tee times, its future results, photos, etc.. be showed.  To move around the calendar, click on the arrow next to the number of pages (below) and / or with the arrow next to the column of the dates (which leads directly to the other end of the Calendar). Notice also that the link to the two next competitions are always published in the above mentioned home page square (see document enclosed nº 2).

B) Enter through the main menu bar (top of the home page) by clicking on “Events”: (see document enclosed nº 3) Half down the page (“scroll” a little) is “Upcoming Events”. There are all competitions, listed from the nearest to the farthest. Clicking on one of these competitions takes you to the same page described above.

For any questions or further clarification, you may contact the Competition Committee by email:  or phone: 649 484 509. We hope this letter will be of interest and provide your participation in our Competition Calendar 2013.

Yours Sincerely,
Ulf Svendsen
Golf Manager

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