Golf between friends

Golf between friends

It has been weeks now until you had your last round of golf, even without practicing shot after shot.  Take your time and go on the golf course, have some fun playing with your friends or golf partners. For a little while nothing matters but playing golf and enjoying time with them.

Golf with friends in Los Arqueros Golf



Whether someone takes a terrible swing or completely misses the ball, there´s always a good laugh and also great tips. No matter if you or your friends are amateurs or one of them is a Pro, a tip is always welcome and can help to make the most of your day.


Golf is a game of  good and bad luck. It is played on purpose under circumstances that ensure superior skills alone will not always determine the victor.

Golf between friends can be a good lesson. Those you will never forget.

Invite your friends to Los Arqueros Golf and enjoy an amazing golf round. After stop by SEVE´S Kitchen and Bar, have a drink or meal and continue the chats you started walking from hole to hole.

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