Flags in the Golf Green

Flags in the Golf Green

¿Do you know where the Flags are located today in Los Arqueros Golf?

The flags on the golf course, in addition to indicate the holes one by one, they personalize its path, placing in them the corporate image of the golf course with their logos or brands. Also the variation in its location during the week make the game for golfers more dynamic and challenging. In Los Arqueros Golf the flags wave with the silhouette of Severiano Ballesteros, a golf course designed by him. Perhaps that image inspires us to embark on the journey with more enthusiasm and feel what he could perceive when designing it. We know it is daring but there is the challenge.

The flag par excellence is the symbol of the hole, indicating the player its location and objective.

There are flags of different types, colors, designs and bearing signs of the position of the flag inside the Green, informing the player if they are in front (red ), middle (blue) or at the back (white) of the green. Starting this next Monday, new flags will be incorporated into Los Arqueros Golf course.

Consider that the same hole, varying the location of the flag, even affects the direction and distance of the first shot taken from the teeing area.

Observe from the beginning of your golf path the flags in the field, if they are waving, where the wind takes them and their location. It will help you to obtain better results.

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