Fertilization of Greens in Los Arqueros Golf

Fertilization of Greens in Los Arqueros Golf

The lawns of golf courses are very demanding in fertility.

A high-quality, slow-release fertilizer of the Floranid brand was used for fertilization.

What are the characteristics of this fertilizer:

It is a Complex fertilizer with high content of slow release nitrogen from ISODUR, which is released during 2 to 3 months, thus avoiding nitrogen losses by washing.

Floranid has a very fine granule size and for that reason it is ideal for low mowing grass.

Thanks to its high content of Isodur, potassium, magnesium, micro elements and the size of its granules, Floranid is the ideal fertilizer of slow release for a non-polluting nutrition of top quality sports fields.

Los Arqueros Golf in Costa del Sol considers all the necessary aspects so that their Greens are in optimal conditions.