Etiquette and Handicap Rules

These rules will be applied on the golf course, putting green and driving range. The player’s companion will also follow the dress code. 

[iceaccordion theme=”simple”][accordionslide title=”Handicap”]RULES OF HANDICAP
The maximum handicap allowed in Los Arqueros Golf is 36.
Visiting players handicap limit between 8:00 and 9:00 am is 18 or less. This time slot is mandatory the use of Buggy.
For players with a handicap of 28 or higher, their times are available from 14:00 PM.[/accordionslide][accordionslide title=”Dress Code”]Attached to the Internal Rules, is the prohibition of the use of “jeans”. As a point of reference, the following clothing are not permitted: 
Collarless polo shirts
Shoes without socking, except sandals golf shoes
Any other shoe except golf or sport shoes
Tracksuit and/or jogging shorts
Collarless polo shirts
Sleeveless polo shirts
Shoes without socking, except sandals golf shoes
Any other shoe except golf or sport shoes
Any other shoe except golf or sport shoes
Tracksuit and/or jogging shorts.
The Starter is the controller of the dress code. The Starters’ decisions in these matters will be respected by the Caddie Master. Although, in grave situations of discrepancy, the final decision of the Caddie Master will prevail (for the Club, it is easier to control the perception of judgment over 3 employees than 14). In these cases of discrepancy, the Caddie Master must inform the Golf Manager on the same day.
In order to ensure a maximum level of communication and fluidity between Caddie Master and Starter, the Starter (and Marshal) must always use their “walki talkies” (in case of bad functioning of this equipment, they must inform Head Pro). (This instruction will be included in the Caddie Master & Marshal Procedure)[/accordionslide][accordionslide title=”Rules & Minors”]Children of 10 years old or above holders of a valid Spanish or foreign golf license and handicap, do not need to be accompanied by an adult when playing. License must be shown to Caddie Master.
Children under 10 years old holding a valid Spanish or foreign golf license must be accompanied by an adult player with valid golf license when playing. The minimum age required for non players on the course is 10 years old. Each non-player companion must have the temporary insurance for the day. The age limit for driving buggies is 16 years old if holder of a golf license.  [/accordionslide][accordionslide title=”Non-Player Companion”]Non-player companions must be older than 10 years old.
Have to follow the dress code.
Have to buy at Caddie Master a temporary license to go on the course. [/accordionslide][accordionslide title=”Rules for the use of the buggy”]Buggies should under normal circumstances stay on the buggy paths and in the areas established for their use. The areas where buggies are not allowed will be clearly identified. When using the buggy on the golf course the rule of 90° will be applied. This means that the ball will always be approached using the shortest way straight forward. Once the shot has been carried out, the buggy should always return to the buggy path.
Buggy drivers should always respect the indications shown on the signs as well as the ones given by the marshal.
Children under 16 years are not allowed to drive a buggy.

Instructions for the correct use of the buggies:
– Before driving the buggy read the operating instructions placed on the steering wheel.
– Operate only under authorized and specified circumstances.
– Always drive the buggy from the drivers seat.
– Only 2 persons on the buggy.
– Make sure the occupants are seated before starting the engine.
– Keep seated and holded while the buggy is in movement.
– Stay completely inside of the buggy.
– Drive slowly in bends and slopes.
– Connect the brake before getting out of the buggy.
– Disconnect the switch and take out the key when not using the buggy..
– Never drive the buggy under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Recommendations for the use of buggies:
– When driving a buggy on slopes always try to avoid to accelerate or to use the breaks.
– Drive carefully when near to slopes and streams.
– When a player is disabled he is allowed to leave the buggy paths to approach the ball. These buggies will have a blue flag indicating their difference.
 [/accordionslide][accordionslide title=”Tee Times”]All tee times will start teeing off from Tee 1, unless specified on the green fee, or authorized previously by the Caddie Master or Starter. In case of teeing off from Tee 10, the Caddie Master will previously check it with the “Starter” via “walki talkies”. [/accordionslide][/iceaccordion]


Los Arqueros Etiquette

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