Canal Sur at Los Arqueros

Canal Sur at Los Arqueros

Professional Divers

Los Arqueros Golf has been chosen by Canal Sur, the regional television channel for Andalucía, to film the programme 75 minutes that is broadcasted on Wednesdays at 22.15 The Centro de Buceo (Diving Centre) from Benalmádena came to Los Arqueros Golf with three professional divers that brought with them the necessary equipment.

The purpose of the shooting was to introduce uncommon professions such as diving and the different situations where divers’ services are required, as collecting balls that block the drainage of the lake, repair grids or others.

The interviewer from Canal Sur had first hand experience to dive and record everything that occurred in the depths of the lake on the hole 3, where a variety of autochthonous species live.

After that, Canal Sur filmed good shots from the golf course from different places with which the camera man highlighted this report in a privileged environment, Los Arqueros Golf. 


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