Call for an Extraordinary General Meeting Los Arqueros Golf and Country Club S.A.

By agreement of the Board of Directors, the shareholders are summoned to the Extraordinary General Meeting, which will take place in the Clubhouse, of the golf course Los Arqueros Golf, located in Carretera de Ronda A-397, Km. 44.5, 29679 Benahavís (Málaga), on January 10, 2018, at 2:00 p.m., on the first call and at the same place and time, on the following day, if there were space, on second call, with the following:


1º.- Modification of the administration regime of the company, opting for the administration system of Solidary Administrators.

2º.- Resignation of the members of the Board of Directors and appointment of new directors.

3º.- Modification of the Bylaws and especially of its Transitory Provision, to maintain the freedom of transmission of the shares subscribed by ICON GOLF S.L.

4º.- Granting of powers to raise the agreements to public.

5th.- Questions and Questions.

6º.- Drafting, reading and approval, as the case may be, of the Minutes of the Meeting.

Right to complete the Agenda and to present new proposals for agreement

Shareholders representing at least five percent of the share capital may request that a supplement to this call be published, including one or more points on the agenda. The exercise of this right must be made through reliable notification that must be received at the registered office within five days following the publication of this call, indicating the identity of the shareholders exercising the right and the number of shares of they are holders, as well as the points to be included in the agenda, accompanying the justification or the proposals of justified agreements of said points and, where appropriate, as many other documentation as is appropriate. Those same shareholders owning, at least, five percent of the share capital may submit, by means of reliable notification that must be received at the registered office within five days following the publication of this call, substantiated proposals of agreement on matters and included or that should be included in the agenda, all in the terms provided in article 519.2 of the Capital Companies Law. The foregoing is understood without prejudice to the right of any shareholder during the General Shareholders’ Meeting to formulate alternative proposals or on points that do not need to be included in the agenda under the terms established in the Capital Companies Law.

Right of information

Pursuant to the provisions of article 277.2 and 287 of the Capital Companies Law, the right of all shareholders to examine and obtain at the company’s registered office, or request that it be sent to them, is recorded in a Immediate and free, copy of the documents that have to be submitted to the approval of the Board.

Pursuant to the provisions of article 197.1 of the Capital Companies Act, the shareholders’ right to request, up to the seventh time prior to the one established for the holding of the Meeting, the information or clarifications they deem necessary, or to formulate in writing the questions they deem pertinent, about the matters included in the agenda.

In addition to the provisions of articles 197 and 520 of the Capital Companies Law, as of the date of publication of this call notice and until the Extraordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting is held, the Company publishes on its website ( uninterrupted, except force majeure or technical impossibility beyond your control, among other, the following information and documentation:

1. The announcement of the call of the Extraordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting.

2. The total number of shares and voting rights existing on the date of the call.

Forecast on celebration of the Board

It is expected that the Meeting will be held on first call.

Benahavís, December 1, 2017

The Secretary of the Board of Directors.

Signed D. Cristóbal Cuart Sintes

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