Breathing shouldn’t be a big issue. It is something we do instinctively  but when it comes to golf and improves our golf shots then another bird is singing.

When your breathing is in sync with your movement, your moves become more fluid and smoother helping your body to perform its best.

Breathing has an enormous importance in our swing routine. Tension situations can affect  the executing of any of our shots.  Before  hitting the ball, while  you look strait to your aim and have the image of  the planned shot movement engaged in your mind,  incorporate a full deep breath and exhale. Take place of your posture and begin your backswing, then do all the rest.

Deep, diaphragmatic breathing  Researchers discovered that this innovative method teaches you how to control muscle tension that can throw off skilled movements like a golf swing or put. Breathing properly can also help you relieve tension and keep your mind in focus.

In the great valley of Benahavis where Los Arqueros Golf is located, breathing wouldn’t  be any problem, fresh and pure air and an excellent atmosphere will invite you to take a deep breath anyway. Remember to Incorporate breathing technics in your golf routine. It will give you grate benefits.

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