Golf discounts on other golf courses

Golf discounts on other golf courses

Arqueros Golf Card

Dear Members,
For year 2014 we want to give a more added value to the Members conditions of Los Arqueros Golf. In addition to the use and enjoyment of the Los Arqueros Golf facilities, we want Members to have more advantages externally on other golf courses.

These advantages are of two types: individual and collective.

In 2014 each Member of Los Arqueros Golf will be entitled to discounts at many golf courses which the Club has negotiated through contracts. These discounts will be of two types:

1) Members with the 2014 annual membership fee settled, will in January receive free the “Gold Card” from “Le Club “, which entitles Members discounts of 20% to 50% in about 300 golf courses throughout Europe, North Africa and USA:

Spain: Rompido Golf (Huelva, from 23€), Hato Verde Golf (Sevilla, from 18€), La Monacilla Golf (Huelva, from 23%), Sherry Golf Jerez (Cádiz, 30-50%) Granada Club de Golf (Granda, from 24€), Guadalhorce Golf (Málaga, from 35€), Guadalmina Norte Golf (Málaga, from 54€), Guadalmina Sur Golf (Málaga, from 85€), RCG de Sevilla (Sevilla, from 85€), Golf Sant Cugat (Barcelona, from 35€), Club de Golf Montanya (Barcelona, discount: 30-50%) Golf Girona (Girona, from 37€), Panorámica Golf (Castellón, from 30€), Club de Campo del Mediterráneo (Castellón, from 40€), Alicante Golf (Alicante, discounts: 30-50%) Golf Isla Valdecañas (Cáceres, from 23€), La Herrería Golf (Madrid, from 35€), Palomarejos Golf (Toledo, from: 30 – 50%), Los Angeles de San Rafael (Segovia, 30 – 50%), Golf La Graiera (Tarragona, discounts: 30 -50%)

Portugal: Alto Golf, Beloura Golf, Gramacho Golf, Silves Golf, Vale da Pinta Golf, Vila Sol Golf. (Algarve, discounts: 30% – 50%)

England: Addington Court Golf Club, Batchworth Park Golf Club, Belton Woods Golf Club, Blue Mountain Golf Club, Broke Hill Golf Club, Cans Hall Estate Golf Club, Carden Park Golf Club, Chelsfield Lakes Golf Club, Chesfield Downs Golf Club, Cottesmore Golf Club, Dunston Hall Golf Club, Eccleston Park Golf Club, Herons Reach Golf Club, Hertfordshire Golf Club, Merrist Woods Golf Club, Milford Golf Club, Mill Green Golf Club, Mottram Hall Golf Club, Oak Park Golf Club, Orpington Golf Club, Oulton Hall Golf Club, Paultons Golf Club, Pine Ridge Golf Club, Pyrford Golf Club, Saint-Mellion Golf Club, Sherfields Oaks Golf Club, South Essex Golf Club, South Winchester Golf Club, Staley Hall Golf Club, Stapleford Abbotts Golf Club, Staverton Park Golf Club, Sunbury Golf Club, The Belfry Golf Club, The Bristol Golf Club, The Carrick on Loch Golf Club, Lomond Golf Club, Traditions Golf Club, Wickham Park Golf Club, Wokefield Park Golf Club, y Wychwood Park Golf Club. (Discounts: 30%-50%).

Germany: Gold City Pulheim Golf Club, Schloss Lüdersburg Golf Club, Schloss Nippenburg Golf Club. (Discounts: 20%-50%)

Holland: BurgGolf Gendersteyn, Veldhoven Golf Club, BurgGolf Haverleij Den Bosch, BurgGolf Purmerend, BurgGolf Middelburg, BurgGolf St. Nicolaasga, BurgGolf Wijchen, BurgGolf Zoetermeer, BurgGolf Emmen. (Discounts: 20%-50%).

– Ile de France: Boundoufle Val Grand Golf Club, Bussy Guermants Golf Club,  Crécy Golf Club, Golf de Buc Grand Versailles, Golf de Rosy Sous, Bois Golf de Saint Ouen Golf, I`Aumone Golf Club, Exclusiv Golf de Rochefort, Exclusiv Golf Couison, Stade Francais Golf Club, Exclusiv`Golf d`Apremont, Exclusiv Golf de Béthemont, Exclusiv Golf de Feucherolles, Exclusive Golf du Coudray, Exclusiv Golf de Cely, Garden Golf de Cergy Pontoise, Garden Golf de Cadancourt, Garden Golf de Saint Germain-les-Cordeil, Garden Golf Des Templiers, Gif-Chevry Golf Club, Golf Club du Lys Chantilly, Golf Disneyland, Gonesse Golf Club, Haras de Jardy, L `Isle Adam Golf, Lésigny-Reveillon Golf, Meaux-Boutigny Golf, Mennecy Chevannes Golf. (Discounts: 20 – 50%). – Nordeast France: Bitche Golf Club, Bois de Retz Golf, Chalons en Champagne Golf, Domaine de la Forét d`Orient Golf, Exclusive Golf de Metz, Chérisey Golf Club, Exclusiv Golf du Chateau de Bournet, Garden Golf de Metz, Garden Golf de Nancy-Pulnoy, Golf de Arras, Golf de Faulquemont, Golf International de Longway, Golf Jacques Laffite Dijon, L`Emitage Golf Club, La Fort Golf Club, Parc d´Olhain Golf, Prunevelle Golf Club, Reims Champagne Golf Club, Rochat-Les Rousses Golf. (Discounts: 20 – 50%). – Southeast France: Chanalets Golf Club, Etangs de Savigneux Golf, Garden Golf d`Avignon, Garden Golf de Digne-les-Bains, Grenoble Bresson Golf, Grenoble Uriage Golf, La Sorelle Golf, La Valserine. (Discounts: 20 – 50%). – Southwest France: Auch-Embats Golf Club, Biscarrosse Golf, Bordeaux-Cameyrac Golf, Chateau de Barbet Golf, Chateau de la Vallade Golf, Exclusiv Golf de Toubuse, Garden Golf de Lacanau, Garden Golf des Estangs de Fiac, Golf Country Club de Bigorre, Saint-Junien Golf, Souillac Golf Country Club, Tarbes Tumulus Golf. (Discounts: 20 – 50%). – West France: Carhaix Golf, Champ de Bataille Golf, Garden Golf de Cicé-Blossac, Garden Golf de Nantes, Garden Golf de Rouen la Foret Verte, Garden Golf d`Anjou, Golf Barriere de Deauville, Golf d` Etretat, Omaha Beach Golf Club, Saint-Saens Golf, Tremereuc Golf Club. (Discounts: 20 – 50%).

Finland: Alastro Golf Oy, Anola Golf Oy, Archipelagia Golf Oy, Famigolf, Golfest AS Suuresta Golf, Golffrauma Oy, Gumbole Golf Oy, Lahden Golf Oy, Lakeside Golf & Country Club, Loimijoki Golf Oy, Messila Golf Oy, Nevas Golf Ry, Nurmijarven Golfeskus, Oy Kotojarvi Golf AB, Peltola Golf Oy, Tikkurilan Golfkeskus Oy, Tuusulan Golfklubi Oy. (Discounts: 20 – 50%).

Austria, Belgum, Denmark, Italy, Czech Republic, Sweden, Marocco, Tunisia y USA: visit :

2) All Members with annual, semiannual or quarterly membership 2014 will be entitled to discounts at more than 50 golf courses in Spain, with discounts of 20% , 30% and 50%. This information will be hang out in the Web in the next days since we are currently negotiating new agreements with Flamingos Golf, La Cala Golf, El Paraíso, etc…

Throughout year 2014 our Golf Secretary Office will organized a monthly, non-profit, golf trip consisting of two days golf and one night’s hotel in different locations in Andalusia, using our power of negotiating to get the greatest discounts possible to the Members own benefit. These trips will be announced good time in advance.

In addition to these 12 yearly trips, in the same way, our Golf Secretary Office can also organize additional trips at the request of the Members, provided they are at least a group of eight Members.

While we hope this is to your liking, receive our kindest regards


Ulf Svendsen
Golf Manager of Los Arqueros


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