Price List

Below you can find all our golf rates if you want to play golf on the Costa del Sol, there are three golf seasons please check your date and what is the Green Fee rate on this day, or you can also check our golf offers Spain which are Green fees including buggy, Twilight and much more. 


High Season
Mid Season
Low Season
Green Fee 18 holes 77€ 57€ 47€
Green Fee 9 Holes 46€ 36€ 29€
Junior 18 holes  39€ 29€ 24€
Junior 9 holes 26€ 19€ 17€
PGA Pro 39€ 30€ 25€
2 Green fees & Buggy 183€ 143€ 123€
Twilight - see PDF for times 52€ 38€ 32€
2 Twilight GF & Buggy 130€ 102€ 90€
Super 10 540€ 400€ 330€
Super 10 (buggy) 670€ 530€ 460€
1x8 (players) 640€ 496€ 424€



Buggies Prices
Buggy 18 Holes 29€
Buggy 9 Holes 19€
Trolley 6€
Electric Trolley 9€


Rental of Golf Clubs

At Los Arqueros Golf we can provide you with the best golf equipment in the event that you decide to travel without your own set of clubs, by providing you with a service to rent golf clubs of the brand Taylor Made brand. For more information, click here


Sport Facilities
Tennis 1 Hour 11€
Paddel 1 Hour 11€
Driving Range
18 Balls 1€
Club Hire 33€ 

More information about rates

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Golf Offers Spain Have Everything You Need

If you are a frequent player of golf. You probably already have your equipment of golf clubs, balls, gloves and comfortable clothes to practice it, and maybe you have been thinking for a long time where are the best options to enjoy this passion. Just, for that reason, today we want to show some of the best golf offers Spain for you.


    Each person has purposes and different motivations; that inspired our team in Los Arqueros Golf to provide a full offer of rates to individuals and family according to the season. So, you can find here plans for the months of June and August since 45 € till 472 € (Super 10 incl. Buggy). That’s what we call LOW SEASON, and you will find unbeatable prices there. But, if due to work or another kind of commitments you prefer other time of the year, check the next offers.


    The MID SEASON, this is a second option for people who want to spend some days playing golf in the month of September. And the prices range in these case are 18 holes in June and August since 53 € till 540 € (Super 10 incl. Buggy). There are many others between these, and you can always contact us and ask before to take some of them.


    The months from middle of February start our HIGH SEASON throught to April, where the cost for the 18 holes is in June and August since 73 € till 704 € (Super 10 incl. Buggy). You can also choose a year plan, without limit of use and no additional cost. It is one of the favorite elections of our customers because it allows them enjoy more comfort in all our instalations and services, without limited time.


    The YEAR PLAN is divided too into individual and couples. The prices vary depending on the option. But, as we never get tired of offering the best. We offer plans for 6 months and 3 months, both individual as couples. You start to enjoy all the benefits immediately after purchasing your program. Give it a try and begin to play today. (Only for Shareholder Members)





Options Individual Couple
1 Year 3.247€ 5.941€
Including Buggy
1 Year 4.457 7.998€


Options Individual Couple
6 months 2.273€ Max. 70 GF 4.159€ Max. 70 GF
Including Buggy
6 months 2.878€ Max. 70 GF 5.188€ Max. 70 GF


Options Individual Couple
3 months 1.229€ Max. 30 GF 1.602€ Max. 30 GF
Including Buggy
3 months 2376€ Max. 30 GF 2.891€ Max. 30 GF

PD: The present price list is for information purposes only and may change as a result of our policy of continues product development.