Bulletin Board

Committee 2017

Dear Members,

Today the candidates for the 2017 Golf Committee held a meeting to constitute their posts. The new Committee is composed of the following members:

Competition Committee:

- Capitan (Mens Delegate): Dean Cox

- Ladies Captain (Ladies' Delegate): Inna Bladen

- Mens Senior Delegate: Juan Gómez

- Ladies Senior Delegate: Nicola Whelan

- Vocal (Captain Assistant): Francis Whelan

- Vocal (Bandidos League): Brian Henry

Social Committee:

- Chairman: Karl Maresz

- Assistant: Helga Gfader

- Vocal: Ladies Captain

- Vocal: Mens Captain

Disciplinary Committee:

- Ian Conquest

- Lou Ratcliffe

- Juan Gómez

Flora and Fauna:

- Ralf Bombach

- Anthony Etherington


- Carl Holsters

These five committees, which together forms the 2017 Golf Committee, will meet on January 13th to organize their calendar of activities.

We welcome all members of Golf Committee and wish them luck in this new committe year. We encourage all our Members to actively participate with this Committee.

Kind regards,

Ulf Svendsen

Golf Manager




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