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Competition Committee Act October 17, 2016

Below you can see a summary of the Competition Committee Act held on October 17, 2016 at 12:00 hours.


Ulf Svendsen (US)

Manuel Maneiro (MM)

Juan Gómez (JM)

Inna Bladen (IB)

Rafael Serra (RS)

MM agrees to make a white line of 25cm to 50 cm behind the wall 7, 9 and 10 by stakes.

IB comments on the Blue Flag has more sense when players see the Blue Flag. US says it should not be necessary due to Rule 90, except in the fairways that state the contrary.

IB questions about the new Tee 16. US says that once approved the hole for Men, the Federation be requested to the possibility of including this tee for Ladies in the 2nd Competition round that will include the 15th hole will become Par-5 both for Men and Ladies.

It agrees a new writing of the Local Rules incorporating the new points.




The reserves in different courses will be through our Caddy Master. Los Arqueros Golf & Country Club is not responsible for any price changes that may be on different golf courses which have signed the following agreements. In all cases you must present membership card and Spanish Federation License. 

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