Bulletin Board

Competition Committee Act October 5, 2016


Ulf Svendsen (US)

Manuel Maneiro (MM)

Juan Gómez (JM)

Lou Ratcliffe (LR)

Inna Bladen (IB)

Nicky Masters (NM)

Barbara Bates (BB)

Rafael Serra (RS)

US informs the attendees that the Andalusian Federation visited Los Arqueros on Monday October 4 to review and assess the changes made in the hole 16. (Amendments are made for security to reduce the risk of golf balls that end up in the road). The assessment by the Federation has been very good. In about 15 days we should receive the approval of the hole and the new slope.

The ladies tee will be brought forward to where at this moment the orange tee is situated. The Ladies of the Committee requests that the ladies tee is placed at the same tee of the men. US will talk vit through with the Greenkeeper since being the tee a small area it would be damaged very soon. Ladies suggest that green fee players play from the bottom tee and ladies from the new tee.

US suggests that this issue is approved at the next meeting.

MM reports that the slope on the right side of the hole 15 should be marked as water or out of bounds.

US is going to check this point and this point will be decided at the next meeting as well.

IB suggests implementing a local rule that allows at the 7th hole to drop the ball in the fairway. Right now if the ball lands near the wall, the rule forces you to drop in the mountain.

US says that this local rule should be valid for hole 7, 8 and 9 and proposes put a white line at 50 cm from the wall. This would allow to drop on the fairway.

IB says that white stakes were removed in the 8th hole. US will check if it's necessary to put them back. To be discussed at the next meeting.

US informs that the permanent rules are designed for all clubs. To these permanent rules are added the local rules. The score cards include the permanent rules to which the local rules need to be added. US would like to include the following local rules as well::

- Blue stakes – game prohibited

- 4 dropping

- multi colored stake to be put on the 1st tee..

IB proposes to include in the scorecards that the buggies can’t enter the fairways of par 3. US answers that will put signs at these holes.

US - Hole 15 hole tees will change to make that hole a par 5 for both ladies and gentlemen. The Knights tee will be the old tee and tee professional ladies old white tee.

IB proposes to include the blue flags again. This means that only those buggies with a blue flag will enter the fairways. MM supports the proposal for at least during the next 10 days while the course is so wet.

Next meeting: 17th October at 12.00 Hrs.




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