Bulletin Board

Competition Committee Act August 3, 2016


Ulf Svendsen (US)

Manuel Maneiro (MM)

Juan Gómez (JM)

Lou Ratcliffe (LR)

Inna Bladen (IB)

Rafael Serra (RS)

MM welcomes and thank the participants for attending the meeting.

They agree that the Club is not required to manage the Score Card of the guests participating in members competitions, nor send their results to the database of the Federation of Golf.

MM specifies again that score cards must be completed clearly. If the competition committee considers that the result is not indicated clearly you can disqualify the player of the competition.

RS arise that the results of the competitions will be distributed before the awards ceremony so that participants can claim if they consider has made a mistake with its result

US proposes expose those lists results in the notice boards.

MM informed the meeting that there are still several competitions this year is the problem that if a player withdraws shortly before a day game, does not have the contact details of other partners who call for participate. Therefore it asks you to be delivered names, email and phone number of partners interested in participating in the different leagues.

US says that for that the Captain must sign a data protection law request.

GM also says that participants in these leagues should rotate. If a member has participated in the previous competition and there entered another partner who has not yet played, the partner who did not participate will have preference to participate in the next competition. Imperative condition that all those who want to participate in the leagues go with the uniform established by the committee that is white polo shirt with the logo of The Archers and beige pants.

IB calls "winter rules" is set until the field stop being so wet. He says that there are many areas with pools of water. It is agreed that she will talk to the Greenkeeper to go together through the course and review those areas.

US send an email to the competition committee with the decision on whether "winter rules" set.

It is already decided at this meeting that the competition "Le Club" August 13 will be played under "winter rules"

US says attendees that from now on within the competition committee will have two sections. One will be the "Temporary Section” with Members that form as before and the other part will be the" Permanent Section "which will consist of employees of the Golf Club who will be responsible for all administrative and technical work. In competitions it should always be appointed a "Committee" present both the temporary section and the permanent section. Between the two sections will be at least 3 members. The direction of the Club is making a document called the "Green Book of Los Arqueros " which will be reflected all decisions made at meetings as well as the rules to follow. Always based on regulations established by the Spanish Golf Federation and EGA.

MM informed the meeting that for 2017 not to renew his tenure as Club Captain. He says he has not achieved its expectations.

Next meeting: 7th of September

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The reserves in different courses will be through our Caddy Master. Los Arqueros Golf & Country Club is not responsible for any price changes that may be on different golf courses which have signed the following agreements. In all cases you must present membership card and Spanish Federation License. 

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