Bulletin Board

New rules Mens Week Social

Dear Men,

The Competition Committee, in order to unify criteria for all enrolled in a Competition participate under the same conditions, starting from today, inscription fees established on the Signup Sheet of the following Mens Weekly Social Competition be binding your payment to participate:

- The Mens Monthly Social Gastronomic on the second Tuesday of every month, your inscription fee will be 20 € (except on the next one, on Tuesday 10th of May, which will be 25 € because the lunch will be at Restaurant El Gamonal).

- For the other Mens Weekly Social on Tuesdays, your inscription fee will be 7€.

The Caddie Masters has been instructed not to give out the Score Card to those that fail to pay the established inscription fee.

It´s also been stated (agreed) that those whom play walking must go behind those in Buggy on Tee Off Sheet in order to not delay the tempo.

Without further ado, regards

Ulf Svendsen

Golf Manager




The reserves in different courses will be through our Caddy Master. Los Arqueros Golf & Country Club is not responsible for any price changes that may be on different golf courses which have signed the following agreements. In all cases you must present membership card and Spanish Federation License. 

Le Club Card

With Le Club Card you will get special prices in the following courses: