Bulletin Board

Weekly social Mens competition

Dear Members,

The prizes for the Social Weekly Men’s Competition will be distributed as follows:

The five euros that each player pays:

First classified:        50% of the money collected

Second classified:    30% of the money collected

Third classified:       20% of the money collected

The two euros that each player contributes for the birdies, will be divided between the number of birdies made that day. If there are no birdies, the amount collected shall be divided into three equal parts between the first, second and third classified.

These prizes can be collected the following day to the competitionfrom the Caddie Master.

Dichos premios se entregaran a partir del día siguiente al torneo en el Caddie Master.


Kind regards

Manuel Maneiro, Captain




The reserves in different courses will be through our Caddy Master. Los Arqueros Golf & Country Club is not responsible for any price changes that may be on different golf courses which have signed the following agreements. In all cases you must present membership card and Spanish Federation License. 

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