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Summary record of the Competition Committee meeting held on the 5th of January 2016


The meeting was attended by: Manuel Maneiro (MM), Lou Ratcliffe (LR), Juan Gómez (JG), Rafael Serra (RS), Nicky Master (NM) y Inna Bladen (IB).

MM welcomes and thanks the participants for attending the meeting. The first matters that arises is the Bandit Competition. This competition is included in the competition calendar with reserved tee times etc. The Captain informs that he does not know exactly how this competition works. It is decided that the organizers, IC and BH, will have a meeting with him to give all the information.

Captain suggests to replace one of the Weekly Mens Social Competition for a monthly competition which includes lunch. It could also be considered to have on the same day the social ladies competition and have all together lunch afterwards. LR will talk with the ladies and inform the Captain. This monthly competition could be set for the 2nd Tuesday of each month. MM will set up a price for the meal with the restaurant and try to get from him 3 bottles of wine to be used for prizes. There will be a monthly winner who will receive a trophy with a nameplate. The final winner will be the player with the best 6 results to be decided in November. MM will make a letter with the conditions and regulations. Management will buy the trophies for the winners. The first competition will be the January 26.

La Liga - MM informs that all participants of La Liga should be aware that they can not only play the "good" golf courses. If you want to participate in La Liga, you have to be aware that you also have to play courses like La Siesta, El Candado or La Duquesa.

NM informs JG that in June and September a mixed competition will be played Alcaidesa and La Cañada Dates need to be fixed.

Club Championship - was unanimously decided that it should be two days and Medal Play. The date set is 14 and May 15. (tee time from 11:30 hrs. both days)

Captain’s Competition - The captain and the ladies captain will have a meeting to decide the date for this competition. IB asks more prizes for this event such as green fees at other golf courses. US explains that last year there were also many prizes but had to be distributed among all the competition organized. In 2015 the event was during a full week.

Monthly Mixed - LR will organize this competition.

It is agreed to that during the period October 1st to March 31st the ball can be placed (Winter Rule) in all competitions. Outside this period, the Summer Rules can only be changed previous written communication on the Notice Board and signed by the Captain.

Next meeting for the Club Committee to be held on March 16th 2016

Kind regards, Club Los Arqueros Golf




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