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Committee 2016

We are in the process of forming the new Golf Committee for 2016.

As a novelty, at our last Committee meeting it was approved by voting that “Annual Subscribers” (those renting a golf share for one year) may form part of the Committees on an equal footing as Shareholders. Its main argument was to make the Club grow in membership and increase the demand for participation in the committees (as a general rule has always been very low).

In January the new Golf Committee comes into force for the period 2016. For this reason we request to those members interested in taking part in any of this Committee, to please send a letter or e-mail to the Secretary of the Club, proposing its candidature. This period of request will be held open until next November 12th.

The Committees and areas to cover are:

1) Competition: Being part of the organization and management of club competitions. Six members are required for this activity. Once elected the members, they decide among themselves their duties / positions.

2) Disciplinary: the Club Disciplinary Committee, composed of three members conversant with legal matters, who will open any disciplinary proceedings and propose the appropriate penalties to the Club Board.

3) Social: Organisation of events and activities of the Club, holding regular meetings with the Secretary of the Club. Two members is required.

4) Greenkeeping: Hold regular meetings with the Greenkeeper, be informed about the maintenance program and be spokesperson for Members in this area. One member is requiered.

5) Flora and fauna: Hold regular meetings with our Technical in Environment, participate in annual planning objectives and be spokesperson for Members in this area. One member is required.

6) Management: Hold regular meetings with the Golf Manager, participate in annual planning objectives, manage internal data and to be spokesman for Members in this area. One member is required.

A total of 14 members. Those who wish to be candidates, please send email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or deliver a letter in our "Golf Secretary Office" in the Proshop.

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Los Arqueros Golf Club




The reserves in different courses will be through our Caddy Master. Los Arqueros Golf & Country Club is not responsible for any price changes that may be on different golf courses which have signed the following agreements. In all cases you must present membership card and Spanish Federation License. 

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