Hole By Hole

Front 9


Narrow hole with a hazard to the right and an out-of-bounds to the left, difficult split-level green.
Tip: Use a long iron or a hybrid club and you will see a different hole.
 1 Hole
Spectacular hole thanks to its links-style bunkers.
Tip: Aim for the left side of the green.
 2 Hole
Magnificent hole with a large lake and a high green.
Tip: Place your drive to the right of the fairway to avoid difficulties, shot to green plays longer.
 3 Hole
Short and simple dog-leg, although the green is small and protected by a carob tree. Out of bounds left side of the fairway.
Tip: tee off with a 3-wood down the right-hand side of the fairway.
 4 Hole
Similar to hole 2 but uphill, protected by two tricky bunkers. Split-level green.
Tip: Avoid the bunker on the left-hand side.
 5 Hole
This is where our own particular Amen Corner begins. It is a very long, narrow hole with a hazard on both sides of the fairway and back of green. Tricky egg-shaped green.
Tip: Make the most of your driver and 3-wood.
 6 Hole
Second hole of our Amen Corner. The fairway is no more than thirty metres wide, hazards both sides of fairway and leads to a narrow, well-protected green.
Tip: As this is not a long hole, tee off with a 5-iron or 6-iron.
 7 Hole
This is the easiest of the three holes, although the first two shots are quite tricky. Hazard right to the fairway. If playing second shot over water hazard beware of out of bounds on the right.
Tip: High handicaps should tee off with a 3-wood, followed by a short second shot in front of the stream.
 8 Hole
The easiest hole on this side of the course, although the green has three distinct levels, out of bounds left and hazard right.
Tip: Tee off with a 3-wood, second shot plays longer.
 9 Hole


Back 9


Guitar-shaped hole with a hazard to the leftand an out-of-bounds to the right of the tee. Complicated, split-level green.
Tip: Tee off with iron or a hybrid for safety.
 10 Hole
Straightforward hole, although difficult green. Out of bounds to the right.
Tip: Tee off with a club that is one or two numbers higher than your first choice.
 11 Hole
Nice views and surroundings, hazards left and right and back of green. Out of bounds to the right.
Tip: tee off with a 3-wood, short of green is better than being long.
 12 Hole
Magnificent view of “MARE NOSTRUM”. On clear days you can see the coast of Africa and the Atlas mountain range. Hazards left and right.
Tip: Make the most of your drive followed by a second shot towards the left bunkers. Very difficult green to hit in two shots. If you are a low handicap, you can risk it and go for the green in two.
 13 Hole
Short, easy hole that can be birdied by the average golfer. Hazard to the right.
Tip: You can use your driver but aim to the left-hand side.
 14 Hole
Another excellent hole with a slight dog-leg to the left and a tricky green. Out of bounds to the right and back of green.
Tip: Use your driver and approach the green from the right.
 15 Hole
Nice hole surrounded by water and bunkers. Out of bounds right and back of green.
Tip: Mid-to-high handicaps should target the right of the green.
 16 Hole
Wide hole from tee, out of bounds right. Second shot uphill and split-level green.
Tip: Drive down the left-hand side and select a club that is one number higher than your first choice for the second shot.
 17 Hole
A wide, short par four to finish. The green is the biggest on the course with split level. Out of bounds right of fairway.
Tip: Drive down the left-hand side of the fairway to ensure an easier second shot uphill.
 18 Hole


Los Arqueros Rules