In the last 20 years, Germany has experienced a great increase of golf players going from 30.000 up to approximately 300.000. Nevertheless, this numbers are surprising when we look at North America with around 26,4 million players, England with 860.000 or Sweden with 453.000.

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With regards to our last circular letter dated14th December communicating the new membership fees 2010 and golf course investment plan; agreement to be ratified at a future Extraordinary Shareholder Meeting to be held in 2010 according the Public Company Law approved by the RDL/1989 of 22 December; the contents of this investment plan is as follows:

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Children From Fundaspandem Playing Golf At Los Arqueros

For the tenth consecutive year, Los Arqueros Golf has hosted the charity competition of FUNDASPANDEM. This competition is a yearly classic and it has the purpose of obtaining funds to help and support disabled people and tries to integrate them into the working industry.

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