Today our greenkeeper team has repopulated a carob tree, which was part of the design and game strategy of the green on the 4th hole from the start.

The hole 4 is a par 4 short and simple dog-leg, although the green is small and protected by the carob tree.

The old tree was diminished and dying little by little until in the last storm last winter it finally fell to the ground.

Finding and bringing a new carob tree to the course has been a tedious task, having to look at numerous tree nurseries in the area, until finally finding it in Alhaurin el Grande.

The carob tree, original from Jerez (Cadiz), is commonly known by many names, being its scientific name "cercis siliquastrum". It is an arboreal species of the legume family, native to the northern Mediterranean.

We hope you come and see it!