The warm temperaturas that Malaga maintains year round and the morphology of its golf courses allows a unique phenomenon to occur each season.

The expansive and varied courses of the province are converted during these winter dates, into the chosen home of different species of birds that seek shelter before the drop in temperature which takes place in most of Europe.

In this way, the above situation means that it is possible to see, in each of the province’s golf courses, a carousel of birds that are not used to flying at these latitudes.

According to the explination of the biologist Miguel Ángel Farfán, profesor at the University of Malaga, this process occurs naturally. “They come to the province searching for comfort and they take advantage of what the golf courses of Malaga can offer, where they can find water and places to shelter themselves”, admitted the expert.

Another aspect to underline, according to the affirmations of Farfán, is that during the whole year, the crucible of animal species that can converge in the province is abundant and of many different types. Thus, aided by the binomial sea and inland, Malaga has become the perfect hábitat for a multitude of animals.

This is the case of Los Arqueros Golf, where fauna lives together with golfers, finding a great diversity of species along the 18 holes. Some species have been identified and are showed in a poster on the tee of hole 1 with an integrated design.

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