Last 11th and 12th November, took place the Certification External Audit of our Environmental Management System consolidated. This is a review by an external Audit of all our working procedures, instructions and records related to these documents. This set of documents must comply with the international standard ISO 14001 of environment.

We have passed the annual test with good mark, because they have not detected nonconformities or deviations from the norm

We have accomplished much of the environmental objectives that were raised this year and others have maintained.

For example, it has been reduced the power consumption, thanks to our consumption-saving measures, that makes possible a much lower consumption than in previous years.

Different saving measures that we make:

1. Replacing the burned-out bulbs of the offices by LED bulbs

2. Negotiating contract with the electricity company for better rates and discounts

3. Adjusting the different timers of the lighting zones in the clubhouse (external lighting, interior lighting of the garage, ...)

4. Maintain and install new motion-detectors in changing rooms, toilets, garage...

5. Adjusting the buggies chargers to the power consumption peak times lower cost.

6. Reducing power of some supplies suitable for consumption.

For the upcoming year we will continue with all these environmental measures and will include the following:

7. Dividing the ship into phases to separate lighted areas.

8. Hiring an Energy Manager for the energy audit and modification of facilities (new counters, saving measures, etc ...)

9. Installing sunlight detectors to illuminate the exterior of the clubhouse

We keep our commitment to continuous improvement of our environmental management systems, Quality and, Safety and Health which are consolidated in our course for years.

Congratulations to all workers for your work and daily involvement!