Please find attached a summary of Los Arqueros Ladies Section - Western Liga during the first 3 months in 2018.


Away: 12th January

Result: La Cañada 6 points - Los Arqueros 3 points

Freddie Vindeou & Lynne Phillips, Matsuyo Etherington & Karen Stanworth, Margaret Elward & Janet Anderson. Karen and Matsuyo won their match bringing home an invaluable 3 points.

Home: 22nd January

Result: Los Arqueros 7 points - La Cañada 2 points

Freddie Vindeou and Janet Anderson halved their match 1.5 points each. Matsuyo Etherington and Helen Foss won their match getting all 3 points.

Margaret Elward and Lynne Phillips won their match but halved the back 9 so picked up 2.5 points for the team.

Overall a great win over the 2 matches Los Arqueros 10 points - La Cañada 8 points


Home: 5th February

Result: Los Arqueros 6 points - Alcaidesa 3 points

Matsuyo Etherington and Helen Foss built on their partnership winning their match 3 points. Freddie and Christine Mathews were well down on the front nine but had an amazing back 9 to win the match overall and win the back 9 to contribute 2 points to the team total. Janet Anderson and Lynne Phillips salvaged a valuable point but lost the match overall.

Away:14th February

Result: Alcaidesa 6 points - Los Arqueros 3 points

Gillian Sutherland playing in her first Western Liga match had a historic win with Freddie Vindeou winning the match and the 3 points on offer.

The other teams lost their matches but a very credible performance over the 2 matches meant we shared the win with Alcaidesa 9 points to 9, a big result given the challenging course and tough competitors.


Away: 23rd March

Result: El Paraiso 5 points - Los Arqueros 4 points

Nicky Masters and Jane MacDuff picked up a very valuable point winning the back 9 but losing the match overall. Karen Stanworth and Helen Foss had a fabulous win so 3points in the bag for our return home match, brilliant.

Margaret Elward and CJ Sherdley lost their match to El Paraiso very formidable partnership.

Home: 29th March

Result: Los Arqueros 8.5 points - El Paraiso 0.5 point

An unbelievable day with all 3 teams winning, Nicky Masters and Mary Weston out first and winning quite comfortably.

Margaret Elward and CJ Sherdley won match but halved the back nine so dropped a 0.5 point which saved El Paraiso from a whitewash.

El Paraiso put their dream partnership out with Karen Stanworth and Helen Foss but no problem for this team 6 up at the turn and coming in with a stunning result.

Overall match result, a massive win for Los Arqueros 12.5 - El Paraiso 5.5 points.

So our Western Liga ladies have got off to a fast start... long may it continue. Los Naranjos in April – watch this space...

Margaret Elward

Los Arqueros Ladies Western Liga Captain