Last Thursday, January 11, 2018, Los Arqueros Golf & Country Club members celebrated their Ladies Invitational Day. During this day the ladies may bring a guest to play.

A total of 22 ladies and their 22 guests played a round of golf in our course.

After the competition it took place a welcome glass with cava, the prize awards and the lunch at the clubhouse facilities.

The classified and awarded were as follows:

- First classified: Inna Bladen (Los Arqueros) and Rita Vauthier (Atalaya). Awards: Golf bags sponsored by Los Arqueros Golf & Country Club.

- Second classified: Matsuyo Etherington (Los Arqueros) and Gunilla Parmlid (Atalaya). Awards: Leather travel bags sponsored by CJ Sherdley.

- Third classified: Lynn Cahill (Los Arqueros) and Lynn Hood (Watchtower). Awards: Ecco travel bags, sponsored by Los Arqueros Golf & Country Club.

- Camilla Frykman: closest to the pin in 2 strokes on the 14th hole.

Apart from the prizes for the best ranked, the member Christi Yiend sponsored 3 holes, each with 1 gift voucher for the value of € 25. The winners were:

- Helen Foss: closest to the pin on 2nd hole.

- Matsuyo Etherington: closest to the pin on the 11th hole.

- Louise Spryce: closest to the pin on the 16th hole.

All the participants received a gift thanks to the generous sponsorship of Gabriela Johne from "Fairway & Blue shop".

We also want to thank Steve Bailey, Tony Etherington, Fran Whelan, Craig Johnston and Kim Johnston for their help and collaboration from very early on to make this day wonderful and unforgettable.