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Dear Members,
The handicap is a central tool in connecting the player with the game. Although we play under the same rules, there are two massive systems that apply to the majority of world golf universe, which still technically almost identical, are perceived as totally different. They both have the same mathematical form to study the differential, but as a matter of custom game formats, are two different paths to reach the same place. One uses Medal Play scores, and the other takes Stableford scores. One is the USGA Handicap System for the American Association of Golf and the other EGA (European Golf Association), its European counterpart. They together account for the vast majority of national associations around the world. USA. , Mexico and Canada, China, Australia and Japan, India , the Middle East , the European Economic Community , Central and South America (except Peru , Argentina and Uruguay ) … almost everything. A number very close to 100 countries. All this mass of golfers have a common factor: they all use the SLOPE system. Beside this we have the British CONGU (Council of National Golf Unions) which together with Argentina, Uruguay and South African Associations, still have systems that do not use the correction factor (SLOPE). In fact, these systems are used by feature procedures that are nearly a century old. For this reason an accurate CONGU handicap is not fully comparable with EGA Exact Handicap. Accurate conversion is needed.

After this introduction, the main data that we want to communicate here is the following:

The EGA Handicap System introduces changes from 2014, although its full effects will not be before 2015, which main objective is to obtain a uniform and fairer handicap control than today. The new edition changes both in substance and form. But to underline specially the Annual Review Handicap (RAH) introduction that will differentiate between active and inactive handicap, which is the only point we will post here:


3.15.1 The handicap committee of a handicapping authority must undertake the annual handicap review (AHR) as soon as possible after the end of the season. The AHR is mandatory for all players.

3.15.2 As a basis for a correct and fair review of hisexact handicap, each player must return at least four (4) qualifying scores in a period between consecutive AHR’s. Suchexact handicaps must be clearly marked active on the handicap records and handicap certificates to indicate that the exact handicaps may be correctly reviewed on the basis of sufficient data.

3.15.4 An exact handicap maintained on three (3) qualifying scores or fewer in the past calendar year is considered to be based on insufficient current data to be reliably verified, and is therefore designated inactive.

3.15.5 At the discretion of the national association or handicap authority, an active exact handicap is a prerequisite for entry into a competition for which an EGA Exact Handicap is required.

We encourage all to take note of this development in the EGA system and research other additional information that can be found on “Google”, “EGA Handicap System 2013 – 2015” in their respective languages. (In English: And request information on our Competition Committee.

Kind regards,
Ulf Svendsen
Golf Manager

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