Ain`t nothing like the real thing

Ain`t nothing like the real thing

The Real Thing Medium

Dear Members,

In my twenty years in this business of Golf on the Costa del Sol I have seen come and go many opportunists selling formulas for cheaper golfing for residents. From the clubs without golf course (or the golf societies) to motley companies that sell cards that promise discounts on many courses, etc … All have one thing in common: it`s the most expensive formula to play golf for players who reside permanently or temporarily in the Costa del Sol. Mainly because you pay a green fee each time you play, and because there are a good deal of deception / fraud in these formulas; besides illegalities as not being properly registered, contributing to possible tax evasion, black market, etc …

Ain´t nothing like the real thing. No matter what it is. And the real thing in Golf is to be part of a real club, with its own 18 hole golf course, own clubhouse and which possess big assets where its sole aim and target is to cover costs and be a good Club for its Members. Where there is a flat rate regardless of whether you play golf 100, 200 or 300 times a year. Where also play is free in many other golf courses through the annual participation of its many interclub and golf leagues. Now that’s a good, and economic, golf formula.

We are also going to have discount cards for other golf courses for our Members, but we will not sell them, we will give them out for free.  Those are the things that real clubs does … In particular it is the card ” Le Club Gold ” with discounts from 20 % to 50 % at 350 golf courses (in Spain and abroad). For more information see . Members that plan to renew their annual 2014 fee and wish to receive this card, may from today notify our Secretary of Golf and sign the completed attachment, which is a requirement of the Data Protection Law.

We have always had discounts for our Members at other golf courses on the Costa del Sol, but for 2014 we want to polish them a little more. Discounts that will be announce to you shortly. And of course, discounts for free. That is, do not sell it like those other ………..!

Although an interesting development for 2014 will be organizing monthly trips to other provinces of Andalucia for one night and two days of golf . We are thinking that the first proposal for the month of January is in Huelva, specifically in the golf resort and five star hotel ” El Rompido ” . All organized by the Club so selflessly in search of better net discount to its Members. The next month will Cadiz or Seville. (We will keep you informed)

With a proper rain from the sky of clean water to wash away all the accumulated salts in the soil after 7 months of continuous irrigation by recycled water and with your continue trust in us, we will be even better next year.

Ulf Svendsen
Golf Manager    

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